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Art is Cool. And so is Vincent Van Gogh

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Kids (and maybe even parents)- You may know that the monster in my book (you can see him on the home page of my website) is named Vincent, after the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. If you want to know about him (the painter, not the monster!), the National Gallery of Art has a cool video about him. Check it out: You can watch other videos about other famous paintings and painters at their website here. I think art is really...

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Lets go to the Movies!

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Are you as excited as I am?   I’ve heard there will be another “Chronicles of Narnia” movie called “The Silver Chair! I was into the Narnia books and movies before Harry Potter, not that you can’t like both.  Escaping to the movie theaters is one of my favorite things to do. They are making the chairs more comfy nowadays- some of them recline down to almost a sleeping position- not that I plan to sleep while I’m there. What better way to hang out with friends to relax  after a long day of playtime and activities. And movies can be a great stress reducer. If you don’t think kids have stress, try creating a 5th grade art project with a monster while trying to keep your sneaky brother out of your room! Im sure you all agree that a big part of the fun of going to the movies is all the snacks! I love to munch on popcorn and candy and sometimes I get one of those icy drinks. My favorite is a mix of berries and Coca-Cola. It is soo  “yummy in my tummy”. it’s  not my parents favorite choice for me to have, so I usually have to tilt my head and give them my cutie smile, which they can’t resist. I  do promise them I won’t forget to brush my teeth before bed. It works most of the time!  Parents check out this article about the fourth sequel of Narnia...

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” It’s Cool to be Smart “

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Hey kids…  I just heard about this Barber shop that supplies you with books while you get a haircut “books with barbers program” I think it’s a great idea! I don’t know about you, but I like reading books sometimes. I love the movies that I create in my mind when I read stories. We are usually so busy with all our sports and activities during the day, that there’s no time left over for good old fashion reading time..  Parents, take your kids to the barbers for a haircut and have them read a favorite book while getting themselves pampered! a great way to keep your child’s mind active and captivated, and well, all kids need their hair cut now and then! Read about books with barbers here....

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Don’t forget to call your grandma and grandpa!

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I only get to see my grandma when I’m on holiday or summer vacation since we moved away to another city recently. I miss my grandma soo much, her yummy cupcakes or perfect buttermilk pancakes that melt in your mouth… I try to call her once a week to chit chat about my week or see what she has been up to. You know what they say  “grandparents are here to spoil us”, so we better make sure they are happy and loved! For you parents, here’s a neat article about a grandmother who sent her grandkids a set of books every month. She called it “Grammy’s Book Club”. Read about by clicking...

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Ideas are like smoothies

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Ideas are like smoothies

Ideas are funny things. They’re kind of like smoothies. It seems to me that big ideas come from other, smaller ideas. The magic happens when these smaller ideas get mixed together in someones head, kind of like being thrown into a blender. And it’s kind of like creativity (whatever that is- I’ll talk about that in another blog post!) is what hits the button on the blender, causing it to mix and blend everything together.  What you end up with is something that has a taste of everything you threw into the blender, but it’s something different. Something bigger. Something...

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